About 5Maps

View and Analyze Your Data on a Map

5Maps provides organizations with new visual perspectives and actionable insights into geographic referenced data.

Forecast5 developed 5Maps from an analytic perspective – creating a powerful data-mining and business intelligence tool that also incorporates many user-friendly mapping features.

5Maps utilizes Google Maps as its underlying mapping display…providing detailed visual information and a familiar user experience that accelerates the discovery and analytic process. Users can work with multiple data sets on the 5Maps desktop to generate key insights and refine tactical strategies:

  • Identify trends with the dimensions of space and time
  • Track services and location-based events and transactions
  • Assess performance with spatial statistics and analytics

5Maps easy-to-use query engine, allows users to quickly extract relevant information from a map and work with it in multiple views…or download a filtered data set to Excel. 5Maps Micro Area Filtering™ allows users to work with large data sets in a simple and visual interface that accelerates understanding and communication – whether working independently, in a group, or making a presentation.

Additionally, 5Maps offers Micro Area Tagging™, a proprietary methodology to easily manage and associate your records with geographic areas. This technology allows users to create an unlimited number of relationships and associations between the data and the underlying geography.